1 Year on with Magic Media

Magic Media

It’s been a journey from July of 2021 and a lot has changed. The world has evolved, situations are changing, and Ringtail Studios is settled into a brilliant partnership with the Magic Media group.

Not only did we get to join a group of talented, industry leading creative and technical specialists, we got to collaborate directly with their teams. It’s one thing to be considered a part of such a brilliant group and another to then work hand-in-hand. Our expanded service offering is in full swing since we joined last year. Adding our 3D art and animation work and our co-development expertise to Magic Media’s growing offering.

And as time went on, we were so excited to welcome in new brands into the group. Just as we were embraced with open arms, we saw the incredibly talented, Igloo Creative House and Igloo Gaming teams join. Collaborating with the brands, and the Magic Media team itself, has been such a rewarding and excellent experience.


New Projects

We joined the likes of Starloop Studios and Magic Room, offering a plethora of game development, game porting, and comprehensive VFX services.

As part of our growing potential and capacity, we took on projects from all angles. We tackled a huge VR project, assisting with porting Medal of Honour: Above and Beyond to new VR platforms. We contributed to the remake of Destroy All Humans 1 and Destroy All Humans 2! We created art and assets for the adrenaline filled racing experience in Overpass and helped with the animation in the equally adrenaline filled horror experience in House of Ashes! Our team were delighted to then contribute to the objects, weapons, and environmental assets for the 3 v 3 v 3 team shooter, Nine to Five!

We were also delighted to assist Ready Player Me, Aircards, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Legendary Entertainment and Verizon Media, in creating outfits and armour for the Dune character creation app. It was a pleasure contributing to that project, allowing people to create their own characters in preparation for the imminent arrival of Denis Villeneuve’s, Dune!

While these are only a few of the projects we’ve been working on, the last we’d like to mention is contributing to the animation of The Quarry, another highly anticipated game from Supermassive Games.


The Ringtail Team

It wasn’t just all collaboration, Ringtail Studios itself saw a huge surge in its teams. Both offices in Moldova and Estonia were thrilled to have new, incredible talent join their ranks. And on top of that, we opened a third office in Georgia!

The intake of new talent didn’t just come from the industry, but from the rising talent too. The last year brought us into collaboration and support of GameDev Estonia, a brilliant organisation under the leadership of Andrejs Rusinovskis. A non-profit organisation, they are working to create a support network for game developers in Estonia and help those seeking a career in the games’ industry.

This led to our studios hosting courses and educational events to teach students about our work and the industry. These include the Estonian GameDev Summer Conference where we had speakers and guests discussing the Estonian games industry and its future releases, a course on 3D modeling where some of the students would go on to be our new hires! We also held an educational day for a large number of students to show them the potential of a career in game development.


The Year Ahead

As we enter our second year with Magic Media, we’re excited for what might come next. Over the last year we attended several events, like GDC with the Magic Media team and XDS. We’re hoping to see more of those events, meet our peers and colleagues in the gaming industry, and see the incredible projects they have planned.

If you’d like to get in touch with us for a potential educational event, game design course, or to see how we can help your dream project, get in contact today!