Creating 3D Art for Remnant 2

Remnant 2

With the wider Magic Media group delivering real-time VFX to Remnant 2, the Ringtail Studios team were hard at work creating a staggering amount of 3D art and 3D assets for the game’s release. It was an absolutely stellar project and our experience with the team at Gunfire Games was just as positive. We couldn’t have asked for a better, more communicative, and more engaged client than them!


3D Weapons, Mods and Minibosses

The opportunity to contribute to a game like Remnant 2 was a fantastic opportunity. But when the Gunfire Games team delivered concept art to our 3D artists and 3D modelers, we were surprised to hear their requests. Our team would be given the free rein to take the concept art and create it fully, discover and problem solve their own way to an accurate 3D render of their vision. It’s no exaggeration to say that our 3D art team were thrilled.

Over the course of about a year and a half, we delivered assets and took on additional requests for 3D art. In the end, we delivered 34 pieces which mainly composed of weapons and weapon mods. A game all about looting and shooting meant that every gun needed several mods, one from each world the players could visit. It also meant we got to work with a plethora of different types of weapons and armaments. Everything from western style repeaters to modern shotguns, snipers, SMGs, crossbows, and axes, all the way to the horrific combinations of technology and organic matter that deliver death unlike anything players have seen before!

We mainly worked on the N’Erud mods, the fleshy and organic amalgamations that turned traditional weapons into living killing machines. But we got the opportunity to assist on Earth mods, which often took the form of scavenged and scrounged supplies; Pan mods, which are futuristic, crystalline powered weapons; a few of the Engineer archetype weapons and cannons; a Labyrinth boss weapon; and even the Custodian Eye miniboss and its minions! It was a challenging and fulfilling experience for our 3D art team to deliver such a varied and unique project.


Delivering 3D Art to Gunfire Games

As with the wider Magic Media group’s experience with Gunfire Games, it was a wholly positive and enjoyable engagement. Their level of communication and willingness to let our 3D artists experiment truly gave a huge motivational boost to our team. Their open-minded approach and constant constructive feedback created a fantastically creative environment where we could give our absolute best in 3D art to their project.


Overcoming Project Challenges

As any project goes, this was smooth sailing. We worked hard to keep to deadlines but there was never any pressure or overbearing on the client’s part. As we mentioned before, Gunfire Games approached the collaboration so openly that it created an engaged and flowing working environment.

The challenges lay really in achieving the unique visual style and language that Remnant 2 delivers. From fleshy armaments and scavenged survival tools to hovering cubes forming an energy weapon, there was more than enough for our 3D artists to sink their teeth into. We weren’t limited by tools either, mainly utilising ZBrush for sculpting the organic matter, Blender and 3ds Max for the majority of 3D artwork, and Substance Painter for colouring and texturing.

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