Defender Turret Competition

If you haven’t seen the incredible examples of work: the winner, and runners up, you can find them here! We had a wave of amazing entries with Konstantin Tokmakov winning overall with his stellar four-legged, spider-like design!


Prepare for Combat!

The brief for this competition was to design an automated or unmanned turret. One that was designed to deal with enemy infantry, light armour, or airborne entities. In addition, the turret itself had to be ground-based.

The theme was science fiction and the turrets had to look like they were in use. No pristine, factory-fresh pieces!

For those interested in the more technical side of things, or if you wanted to take a stab at it yourself, we have the specifications.
The aim of the project was a photoreal finish, so you’re best off using Physically Based Rendering. And as we wanted a used condition, we went for a rough and marked texture. Typically, most of the artists went for a metallic look, but as you can see it wasn’t exclusive.

For pixel density, the limits were 512ppm minimum and 1024ppm maximum. There were no limitations on polycount, however the team aimed for in-game optimization. And while we did give specifications on what the turret is for, there are no limits on its size. Finally, a maximum of 4k for texture size.


This was an internal competition, one that we do for practice and fun. If you’d like to see what we could do with your brief, get in touch!