Ringtail Studios and Magic Media

Tallin, July 13th, 2021 – We are delighted to announce that Ringtail Studios has joined the Magic Media & Entertainment Group! This is a major milestone for our company and will dramatically increase our range of services offered.

Magic Media is an international tech group providing a diverse range of flexible and affordable services, including cybersecurity, software development, VFX, cloud gaming, art, and animation to both large and small clients. Magic Media aims to increase the talent capacity across the group and our vision is to create and embrace a strong, collaborative, and inclusive working culture.

With a workforce of over 500 experts located in 10 countries worldwide, Magic Media is shaping the service market for the games and entertainment industry. With our team added to the ever-growing Magic Media group, clients will have an even greater range of services available to them. We will no longer be limited by our resources, and we can offer services beyond our traditional 3D modeling, texturing, animation, and full co-development. This new opportunity gives us the ability to handle bigger client requests and complete projects at scale.

We’re excited to see where we go next, as a company and as a member of the Magic Media group. If you have any questions about our extended capabilities, please send us an email on info@ringtail-studios.com and we can help you further.