Ringtail Studios and GameDev Estonia


We at Ringtail Studios were delighted to join in the sponsorship and support of GameDev Estonia! Ringtail joins Gamecan and Placeholder Gameworks in supporting the work done by GameDev Estonia. 

GameDev Estonia is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing and coordinating the development of the games industry in Estonia. It stands as a support network to individual game developers, game development companies, research centres, and educational organizations all based in Estonia. Their goal is to collect data and map out the Estonia game development landscape. Connect that landscape together through networking, meetings, and promotions of local projects. And finally, educate and inform those wanting to find a career in the game development industry.  

With 41 active companies and nearly 300 industry professionals as part of the Estonian GameDev industry, we’re so excited to see it growing in the future. 

While it’s early days for GameDev Estonia, they’ve already been doing some great work. They began by establishing a database of all game development companies in Estonia, getting in touch with each of them, and taking part in some main events in Tallinn, Tartu, and Pärnu. 

Thanks to the increase in funding from Ringtail Studios, the team at GameDev Estonia can now branch out. Soon, they’ll be visiting the International Game Developers Association in Finland to showcase their research into the game industry of Estonia. You can find that research right here! 

And finally, they’re currently helping game developers find new and rising talent in the industry, as well as assembling groups for learning and education for those entering the industry or seeking a career in it. 

You can learn more about GameDev Estonia and the spectacular work they do on their site: https://gamedevestonia.ee/