Ringtail Studios Co-Development with Avalanche Studios Group

Magic Media - Avalanche Studios Group

The Ringtail Studios team and the Avalanche Studios Group have enjoyed a lengthy outsourcing and co-development partnership across several projects providing 3D art and QA services. Originally, the relationship began with theHunter series and we’re delighted to be continuing live support for that title. We were also very pleased over the past few years to expand into an outsourcing capacity with Generation Zero. This then developed into co-development as well, with a 3D artist and developer joining the fantastic Avalanche team at Generation Zero.

What goes into a co-development relationship? How does a studio like Avalanche approach it? And why did Ringtail Studios make their cut to elevate from outsourcing to co-development? Let’s dive into these questions and find out.


Avalanche Studios Group and Outsourcing Development

It can be a daunting prospect to introduce third parties into your team. You don’t have to show them everything but you do have to show your internal work, revealing some elements that might be sensitive or private.

For the Avalanche Studios Group, they’re just looking for great creative collaborators. In that way, they view outsourcing and co-development similarly. The goal is a creative and communicative environment where both sides’ aims align strategically and creatively. Onboarding new members is still a big jump and the main requirement is understanding Avalanche Studios Group’s main mission, “create worlds beyond limits”. They want teams who ask questions, who dive head first into the creative challenges, who work proactively towards these worlds that go beyond limitations.

Taking on co-development staff is a bit like onboarding a new hire. It’s something Avalanche take quite seriously, ensuring that they get all the information they need for their work. This includes the tools they need, the access for the right documentation, and even previously created artwork for reference. But it’s not all work, the social aspect is important to them as well. As a hybrid working studio, onboarding distant members in co-development is no hassle. They are brought in, just like any work-from-home staff, integrated completely and included at every step.


What does the Avalanche Studios Group look for in a co-development partner?

A studio this size has a dedicated team looking into potential partners and outsourcing teams. They also look into the evolution for an outsourcing partner transitioning into a co-development partner. For Ringtail Studios, we had “always been a trusted partner. We knew they had, or could find, the resources we needed.”

Because of our previous history as outsourcing partners, in providing quality 3D art, development, and QA services, as well as our reputation, the Avalanche team wanted to find a different way to work together that fitted the project better. It’s good to have a clear definition of your ideals that can be measured against any potential outsourcing studio. For the team at Avalanche, it was people who are passionate about our games. People who “want to help in making our games and our experiences.” There’s more in depth requirements of course that make work easier. Partners who match their speed and tempo for work, those familiar with the tools and skills required for their projects.

With a clear goal and a comprehensive, open line of communication, Avalanche are looking for the people who share their dreams of creating incredible games and experiences. The Ringtail Studios team were delighted to stand with that goal.


Why elevate Ringtail Studios to co-development on Generation Zero?

Aside from our past with the Avalanche Studios Group, we had developed a strong reputation and reliability, especially in our 3D art and art production capabilities. From Avalanche’s point of view, the Ringtail Studios team had “such a broad array of experience and a level of skill to match.” A reliable co-development partner is huge in relieving pressure for a studio to quickly increase their capacity. Ringtail Studios were more than happy to fill that role and help in delivering such a stellar project.

Our current team assisting Avalanche on Generation Zero is made of a 3D artist, taking pieces from concept to creation, and a QA developer. According to their team, our co-developers integrated seamlessly and have assisted every day with the ongoing live service. Our QA developer has become “a pillar of the QA team, inspiring the rest of the QA staff and is a driving force for them to improve.” And our 3D artist is “a constant during time pressures. He’s delivered cool art that the community always loves and inspires us to explore Generation Zero to see what it can grow into.”

We thrive off this kind of feedback and are excited to continue this fruitful partnership. As are the Avalanche Studios Group team who say to look forward to “more art and gaming from us at Avalanche with the fantastic assistance of Ringtail Studios!”

Keep an eye out for the next patch for Generation Zero as they celebrated their 4th anniversary recently! A recent dev blog gives the details and we’re all very excited for the release. If you’re interested in stellar co-development expertize in art and development, get in contact with the Ringtail Studios team today. As part of the Magic Media group, we have the capacity to scale and deliver to your needs no matter the project or service required.