Ringtail Studios Opens New Georgia Office

Ringtail Studios Georgia

The Ringtail Studios team and Magic Media were absolutely delighted to announce and officially open the studio’s third office! Based in Tbilisi, Georgia, we hosted more than one hundred and fifty guests from the collected Ringtail and Magic Media team to celebrate this great occasion. This marks the official beginning of the Georgia office, launched under the proud eyes of many senior Magic Media and Ringtail Studios staff.

The office is perfectly located for our new staff, local to the area, and offering a wealth of benefits for the newest additions to the Magic Media team. As the art production team in Magic Media, it’s always a great occasion to expand our borders and integrate some new talent. Some of the staff we welcomed into the newest office are already industry veterans and experts! We can’t name names but some of them have worked on some notable projects already, including the stunning recent release, Atomic Heart.

As always, we seek out the best and the team we’ve gathered in Georgia are exactly that. It’s a great day to help expand our team, welcome new talent into the Magic Media team, and offer more incredible artists continuing opportunities in the gaming and entertainment industries.

As we grow and increase our capacity, we’re always looking for new opportunities to assist in the creation and delivery of your dream projects. If you’re interested in leveraging our growing skills and expertise, don’t hesitate to get in touch!