The Game Industry of Estonia: A Breakdown 

Ringtail Gamedev Estonia

Moving in to support the non-profit organization of GameDev Estonia is fulfilling enough, knowing they’re organizing learning academies for aspirants into the industry and showing students the real world of game development. 

But it seems Andrejs Rusinovskis, CEO of GameDev Estonia, has fuel enough for any project. Enter the report on the game industry of Estonia in 2021. 


Mapping out the industry

Andrejs, both CEO and author of this report, conducted interviews with more than 30 game industry professionals, activists, researchers, and students across Estonia. Alongside these interviews, he conducted in-depth research to establish a clear map of the industry in 2021. Inside this report, you can discover the 41 companies compiled in the ‘Active GameDev’ companies list, including Ringtail Studios, as well as relevant game support industry organizations. 

Made as part of the effort to map out the game industry landscape, we were excited to see the results. Alongside our fellow sponsors, Gamecan and Placeholder Gameworks, we have to admit that the Ringtail Studios staff were blown away. 


An Overview

Within GameDev Estonia’s report, you can discover a general overview of game development companies within Estonia, a breakdown of their locations across Estonia, and some internal statistics. From industry turnover to the most commonly used game engines for their projects, it’s an excellent high-level display of how the games industry looks in Estonia and its potential. 

With 41 companies are compiled within, you can also discover contact details, founding dates, their most known games, number of employees, base location, and their yearly turnover. Alongside this list, you can find quotes from Gamecan, Maru VR, Ringtail Studios, Placeholder Gameworks, Chaosmonger Studios and Dev9k about the companies’ founding and recent activities. 


Education and Resources

For any newcomers, or established members looking to expand their knowledge, there is also a section on the game development education available in Estonia. From Tartu University, with their CGVR Lab, to Digital Learning Games at Tallinn University, there are several excellent courses and resources available for those looking to learn. And, outside of the lines of traditional education, the report also includes details on several game development support organizations such as APT Game Generator and EEVR. 


Releases and the impact of COVID

Closing the report out is a list of games released by Estonian companies across 2020 and 2021. Within, you can find every game released by Estonian game developers alongside who developed and published each game and a short description of the title. 

Finally, the list ends with a collection of ‘Coming Soon’ titles. Have a look at this section for some interesting and creative upcoming games all created by Estonian developers and talent.  

Closing the report out is several quotes from professionals in the industry, all on the impact of COVID on their studios and the industry itself. 


Closing Out

A comprehensive and impressive collection of data and information by a dedicated author and tireless organisation. To read the report yourself, click here


And if you have any interest in getting involved in the games’ industry, either as client or aspiring talent, get in touch with us or visit our careers page