Top Tips for Collaborating with Outsourcing Art

We recently discussed some key ways to prepare for outsourcing game art, including knowing your outsourcing needs, the importance of preparing a strong brief, and keeping your project description concise for the outsourcing team.

These are three integral preparations to make when approaching outsourcing art but what about the actual collaboration of outsourcing art? Ringtail Studios understand the ins-and-outs of outsourcing art and the growing necessity of outsourcing services in the world of game development. So, we wanted to pass on some of that knowledge from our experiences to help smooth along your outsourcing art requirements.


Define Your Art Style

It’s important for an outsourcing team to know their targets. Not just the strict brief of assets, characters, and environments. But also what particular style they need to deliver it in. This might seem obvious but ensure that your game’s art style is defined and established so that any outsourcing art team have their targets from the start.

With an art style, make sure you have the capacity to display and explain it. Through reference images, previously created art by your own team if you have it, and descriptions, the art style needs to be clear and understandable. When doing this, consider what atmosphere you’re trying to convey and what each asset, character, and environment is supposed to say to the player. This might seem pointless with outsourcing mundane items but the voice and spirit of a game comes through in every element. And it’s very important for that voice to be consistent!


Stay Flexible With Your Style

With a defined art style, it can often become easy to stay too strict in your style. This kind of contradicts the point of a defined and established style but it’s important to stay flexible. This is the key middle ground to find between a defined style and experimentation. A good outsourcing art team will never take huge leaps away from your style or desired end result, but they might experiment.

It’s important to not stay too stringent to your style and to allow for small changes or adjustments. This can help to create a greater sum of the work created by you and collaborative studios. So, keep an eye on the larger picture and never be afraid to take a chance. 


Strong and Constant Communication

This is a constant recommendation and near-requirement for any aspect of collaboration and development. 

When there is ongoing outsourcing art services, communication is absolutely paramount. Without it, problems can arise and spiral out of control quickly. Regular check-ins on the project status and a clear, established line of communication for requests or inquiries will always result in a healthier project.

From the beginning of the collaboration, make it clear who the points of contact are. If everyone understands who they can talk to for any problems that might arise, you’ll find fewer problems causing disruptions.

Ringtail Studios is part of the Magic Media group, where we have the combined bandwidth to tackle any project, at any size, in house. Instead of using multiple studios, you can come to your one stop shop, and we can offer a range of services to ensure your project is a success. If you have need of AAA-quality game art outsourcing services, look no further than Ringtail Studios. Get in touch today! We’re always excited for the next project and challenge.